Principal's Corner

Principal Susan Altman


August , 2018

Dear TES Families,

Welcome Back!  I hope you have enjoyed your summer and have had a chance to enjoy some quality family time!  Looking ahead to the 2018/2019 school year,  I am thrilled to announce that 100% of our teachers will be returning and we will have one new additional teacher in kindergarten.  This will keep all our classroom sizes low and allow us to hit the ground running on August 22nd!!

Whether you are new to our school or a returning family, we look forward to seeing you!  We truly value and appreciate your time and input.  I encourage you to reach out and get to know not only your student’s classmates and teachers but also the other parents and staff here at TES.  Opportunities for involvement include –

  • Classroom and school-wide event planning through your grade level team or Telluride Education Foundation
  • Guest Speaker
  • Classroom Volunteer(e.g. in-classroom support or take home projects)
  • TES Accountability Committee Member
  • District Accountability Member

Whatever your schedule allows, we would love you to join the team!

Here at TES, our goal is to embrace those who play an integral part in our children’s early childhood experience.  This includes all TES students, staff, parents, extended family, friends and visitors.  Last year, the staff created a TES vision to help you better understand what it is we value.  The vision reads as follows:

Through positive experiences and a nurturing community,

all will feel successful and valued.

Please know that we encourage your participation in your child’s education and if you ever have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to speak with any one of our amazing staff members and/or stop by for a visit!

As we prepare to begin this new year, I would like to fill you in on a few important details –

  • School Hours – Students are to be dropped off in time to enter at the first bell which rings at 8:05.Students will be marked tardy after 8:10.On Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday school ends at 3:10.Tuesdays are early release days and students will be dismissed from their classrooms at 1:50.

  • Early Arrival - Students in grades K-2 may arrive as early as 7:45 when an adult staff member will be on duty.Students must wait in the basement entry way in the book area.
  • Drop Off, Parking and Traffic Flow - We will still keep the buses running from east to west along Columbia with only staff parking in the spaces on the south side of the building.Drop off for kindergarten thru 2nd grade students will be on Townsend only.Cars will NOT be allowed to park along Townsend, only drop students off. The preschool students are to be dropped off on Galena.Families will be given 10 minutes to park on the south side of the street, butting up against the school.They must walk their students into the classroom but must be back to move their cars within that 10-minute time frame.The Public Works Department will continue to leave signs out at the Galena intersections from 8:30-9:30 in order to keep the traffic flowing in a one-way direction traveling north ONLY on Townsend and east ONLY on Galena which will then flow onto Aspen or continuing down Galena.Only staff are permitted to park in the spaces on the northeast lot located on Galena.


  • Early Release – As mentioned above, students will be released early on Tuesdays so teachers can participate in professional development and/or teacher collaboration opportunities.There will be no student after school activities provided by Telluride Elementary School however, there are local organizations that offer classes.We will release information on these activities as they are provided to us.There will be no early release days during ski p.e.


  • Staff – See below a list of the school staff.


  • Open House – There will be a TES Open House (PreK-2) on Tuesday,August 21st from 1:00-3:00 where students and their families may visit their student’s classrooms to become familiar with their new surroundings, drop off their school supplies and meet their teacher(s).

Finally, I would like to say how happy I am to be working in a community that is so strongly committed to the education of our children. 

Thank you for all you do,

Susan Altman
Telluride Elementary School 



Telluride Elementary School Staff



Principal Susan Altman 


Cici James – Director

Citlali Casillas

Jenny Botenhagen

Gabriela Guerrero

Rosa Soto



Nick Lauritzen

Alexamphy Fernandez

Kara Benz

Kelly Husky


1st Grade

Molly Overly

Lorrie Gardner

Maria Martinez

Brittany Kohari

Judith Fernandez


2nd Grade

Jennifer Taylor

Vidal Cubero

Michele Foote

Judith Fernandez

Martha Starr



Klara Lapp



Julie Evans



Anna Robinson


Title One

Kelli Coppage


Special Education

Krista Gould

Julie Spires – Paraprofessional



Corinne Scheman


Math Specialist

Amy VanDerBosch


Technology & Enrichment

Kate Alagna


Speech Therapist

Sarah Lyons


Occupational Therapist

Annie Clark



Rachel Lackey


School Nurse

Christine Tschinkel - District

Lorraine Coronado – TES School Nurse


School Counselor

Dr. Tara Gray


Administrative Assistant

Judy Regrut

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